Deluxe Soft Taco Meal

Al Pastor Tacos -- marinated, seasoned pork & pineapple

Al Pastor Tacos - seasoned marinated pork and pineapple

Vegetarian Tacos - featuring eggplant and zucchini

Deluxe Soft Tacos

What's Interesting about Deluxe Soft Tacos?

If all you've ever had are tacos from fast food places with bells, then you've never had real tacos made to order with home-made refied beans, pico de gallo and fresh guacamole that isn't squeezed out of a jug.

Our deluxe soft taco meal comes with three tacos, and is served with rice and refried beans. What sets them apart is the filling -- you can have marinated steak, grilled chicken or have it vegetarian style with eggplant! They're topped with pico de gallo, cheese and guacamole.

We also serve tacos al pastor -- marinated, seasoned pork with pineapple. Lively, savoury and sweet flavours blend together beautifully!

If you want to try something different, sample our Fish Tacos with bass! Fish tacos are a rising new star in the taco world.

The flavour is both lively and tangy yet savoury.

Is it spicy?

Our tacos are not spicy at all, but if you can tolerate heat the please ask for our home-made hot sauce! Even if all you can stand is a little spiciness a touch Ana's chipolte-habanero sauce makes the whole meal come alive.

Dinner Size: $13.95

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